A superposition of time/space and an anticipation of possibilities of a future state

1- a superposition

At the first attempt, I aimed to project a twisted reality of various temporal states of SALT Galata. Therefore, a post-renovation and two pre-renovation photographs were used. These photographs were used to create a planar projection of the spaces and elements surrounding the floor opening.

The composition of the photographs are centered by the opening itself rather than the point I stood at. This is because of the feeling the space invoked. It was as if the bareness of the space forced one’s perception to analyze itself. The simple rectangular shape of the opening and the repetition of the surrounding elements quickly inscribe themselves to one’s mind. Therefore independent from the point one is standing at relative to the opening, the knowledge of “the actual form of the space” imposes the “actual form”, which is centered by the opening, rather than allowing one from perceiving temporal perspective. The strictness of such perception is probably due to the classical style the building was executed in.

The straight lines spanning the corners of the photographs are used to connect the spatial relations but also result in fragments of space. The fragments are filled with two temporal happenings. One being the library-turned ex-vault and the other being the working tables on the first floor. These happenings occupy two of the many states of SALT Galata.

week 11 (1)


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